About us

The beginning of something wonderful…

Indulge in the opulence of our Artisanal - Crafted collection.

FOBE is a luxury which will delight the senses and enhances the well being giving the best
results. The stringent standards set by FOBE is a benchmark in creative luxury. Each product
is consciously made keeping quality and sustainability as a priority.

FOBE products are handmade which are not only aesthetically beautiful but also potent in
delivering stunning results as they are powered by careful formulations with selected
ingredients sourced responsibly.

We uphold a commitment to not conduct animal testing on our soap bars, and we prioritize the use of sustainable pure plant oils in our manufacturing process.

Our goal is centered on offering exotic products which are aesthetically beautiful and safe for you and your family. It makes great gifting too.

We have an amazing team of Designers, Perfumers, Artisans, Chemists and wellness experts as a part of our team to create our stunning products.